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We are all in this fight together, and we have all been impacted in some way. While we continue on our mission, the reality of our funding can’t be ignored. 

While we remain committed to our mission, to our students, families, and friends, and to our staff, social distancing and economic uncertainty is taking its toll on our fundraising efforts.

As a Catholic School, tuition only pays for a portion of our annual expenses. The remainder is funded by the generosity of our families and our friends. 

As an independent private Catholic School, we don’t have a parish or a diocese providing a safety net. 

We are inviting those who can, to join our mission with a monetary gift or by pledging to make a gift at some time in the future. Visit the Everest Academy Annual Appeal website at We have many convenient ways for you to give. We offer both one-time and monthly donation options. You can also choose the earmark your donation specifically for teachers, scholarships, or to our unrestricted fund. 

Thank you for your generosity. May God Bless you and your family during this difficult time, and always.

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